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"The Griller's Dream" (Grass & Pork)

Fire up the grill to deliver pure satisfaction with our flavor packed, nutrient dense grass fed, grass finished beef, and our juicy, tender, pasture raised, Non-GMO, Berkshire pork (no MSG's, nitrates, or nitrites). The Griller's Dream is 48 impressive servings of Circle K Angus Farm beef and pork. Each bundle is sure to impress your family and friends and meet all your grilling needs! Order between 5/29/21 & 6/5/21 and receive FREE Shipping, PLUS one package of our NEW protein packed pork snack sticks!!!

Griller's Dream with FREE SHIPPING!!!

Each Bundle Includes... -4 flavor packed, juicy porkchops -4 tender, dry-aged steaks -2 lbs. bold, beefy ground...

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