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Low-on-the-Hog Cuts

So what are the Low-on-the-Hog cuts?Low-on-the-Hog-Cuts

The cuts in the high and medium areas of the pig are what are familiar to most American shoppers.

But there is a lot more to the pig. Rural folk often cook some parts which urbanites may raise an eyebrow at. It is all good eating, so keep going down the pig.

What are the Low-on-the-Hog cuts?

  • Hocks There is a surprising amount of meat on the hock which can go to sausage or be served roasted. They’re very good smoked. Excellent for soup and stew making.

  • Jowl The cheek of the pig is much like bacon. Smoke it. Many chefs use this slightly lower cost jowl bacon for flavoring chili and stews. Jowl is also excellent in sausage both fresh and smoked.
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